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Can You Help Me Buy Any Home?

Hi there,

Welcome back to my blog. This week we’re talking all about the ways I can help you purchase any home.

Buyers Agency

Buyers Agency is also known as buyer representation. This role allows me to help you BUY any home. A friend of mine was curious on if I could assist him with purchasing a home that was not listed by me, the answer is YES. I can help with homes¬†listed by me, another agent, a for sale by owner or even new construction. Give me a call when you’re ready to Move with Maeghan!

What It Costs To Hire Me As Your Buyers Agent

I would love to earn your business and get this, all it takes is giving me a call. Nothing more, nothing less because my services are FREE to all my buyers. This is because the seller generally pays my commission. That’s right! It will cost you ZERO dollars and ZERO cents to hire me as your Buyers Agent. Note, any money you put towards your real estate transaction such as a down payment or closing costs, goes directly towards your home purchase.

What It Costs To Hire Me As Your Listing Agent

So let’s say 10 years from now you’re ready to sell the home I helped you purchase or, say you have to sell a home before buying another one. Whatever your scenario may be, this would be where we discuss a commission percentage that will come from your seller proceeds. Don’t worry, you will be in great hands and in great standing financially. I pride myself on netting my sellers the most money possible.

How To Schedule A FREE CONSULT

In the video I mention clicking a link in my bio to book a free consult call. For my blog readers, you can simply click the contact page. Feel free to explore my Instagram links though. You will see several buttons that will take you to various places such as my website, the blog of course, my monthly newsletter and my e-book.

Great Rates & No Money Down

Lastly, I talk a little bit about how interest rates are beyond amazing right now. I also mention some of the programs my preferred lender offers. One of those programs include 100% financing which means no money down. If you have any further questions about buying, selling, renting or financing options, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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