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Minor Home Renovations

Hi there,

Hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend. Welcome back to our blog! This week we’re talking all about some of the best renovations you can do in your home to increase value. This blog was inspired by our Team Lead’s own diy gone wrong.

Entry Door Revamp or Replacement

First impressions matter! Having an attractive front door can get more eyes on your home and more money in your pocket. If you live in an HOA community, be sure to check with them before doing any drastic changes. A new floor mat, door decor and greenery can really add some personality to your home sweet home.

Outdoor Revamp or Replacement

Do you love to entertain? Think about how active home buyers are always seeking out places to entertain. Adding an outdoor patio, balcony, deck, etc. is a great way to increase the desire for and value of your home. If you already have one, be sure it’s in tip top shape. These areas bring warm feelings to potential buyers that can lead to extra bucks in your pocket when it’s time to sell.

Kitchen Revamp or Replacement

When it comes to the kitchen, you can do so much. To protect your budget but still see a return on investment, do minor renovations. Try switching up the flooring or replacing some appliances. If you’re feeling up to it, paint the cabinets and change the cabinetry knobs while you’re at it.

Well guys, that concludes our minor home renovations blog. We hope it gave you a few ideas of ways you can increase value in your home. Wondering what your current home value is? Call us or schedule a seller’s consultation to request a home estimate.

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