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Socially Distant Halloween Fun

Hey there, welcome back to our blog! As Halloween approaches, this week we will be chatting about different ways to celebrate with your family while still social distancing. 

  • Virtual Costume Contest 

One of the best parts of Halloween is being able to dress up. Schedule a virtual call via Facetime, Google Meet or Zoom with your friends and family and see who can showcase their best costume! 

  • Movie Night 

Grab the candy, the popcorn and the decorated treats because this would be the perfect time for movie night! Put on Halloween themed pjs, and watch classic scary movies or family friendly halloween movies like Halloween Town, Casper the Friendly Ghost, or even Hocus Pocus for a cozy night in! 

  • Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Hide candy and treats throughout the house or even the yard if you don’t want to be stuck inside. Throw on your costume to get more in the spirit!

  • House Decorations 

Get festive and put up decorations around the house or in the yard. Carve your own pumpkins and set them up for everyone to see! You can also see if your community is hosting a decorating contest and show off your spooky skills for your neighborhood.

Wishing everyone a SPOOKTACULAR and SAFE Halloween!

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