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Thanksgiving 2020

Hey there,

Welcome back to our blog, this week we’re chatting all about how to enjoy Thanksgiving this year while still following the CDC recommended guidelines. 

If you are going to attend a gathering: 

  1. Bring your own food, snacks, drinks, utensils, etc.
  2. Use single use items like condiment packs and throw away products
  3. Avoid gathering in the areas where food is being prepared or stored

If you are going to host a event: 

  1. Host a small event with close family/friends and eat outdoors
  2. Limit the amount of people coming to your event 
  3. Cleanse and disinfect before, during and after
  4. Have one person masked to serve food safely

If you are going to travel: 

  1. Wear your masks and take your sanitizer  
  2. Wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face  
  3. Bring extra cleaning, disinfecting and safety supplies 
  4. Social distance by staying 6 feet apart 

Consider other options:

  1. Host a Virtual Thanksgiving with Friends and Family 
  2. Play games and watch sports with household members 
  3. Have a Black Friday Online Sopping Spree
  4. Deliver prepared meals to family and friends

Enjoy the holiday, remember to be thankful and stay safe! 🙂 

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